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Nox India Corporation


Established in the year 1987 Nox India Corporation is today one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Medical equipments across India and even Abroad. We believe in Quality and we deliver it at the best price possible. Even after half a decade, Nox India has never forgotten these basic principles. We've built our reputation on quality and dependability. On never promising what we can't deliver. We know that professionals will only buy once if they do not receive quality service and personal attention. At Nox India, we work every day toward tomorrow. To enable practitioners to deliver better quality eye care. As we help build the future, we remember the virtues of the past. Nox India is still a family-owned business with direct management control. And we still do business the only way we know how. The way it ought to be done. To be the best.

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Nox India Corporation - One of the leading manufacturer of Ophthalmic Instruments and Equipments. We provide you the quality you deserve. For more info or Business contact us at +91-9825031005 Good day!
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Plot No. 751, Rakanpur,Ahmedabad,,India,382721
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